Where is your patient?

  1. Living in the Community
    Breast Cancer Risk Assessment for Postmenopausal Women Age 55 or Older
    Carey 2 Year Mortality Index
    Carey 3 Year Mortality Index
    Deardorff 1 to 10 year Mortality in Dementia Index
    Deardorff Time to Need for Nursing Home Level of Care in Dementia Index
    Gagne 1 Year Mortality Index
    Alex Lee Comprehensive Prognostic Tool for Mortality and Disability
    Lee 4 and 10 Year Mortality Index
    Combined Lee Schonberg 4 to 14 Year Mortality Index
    Mazzaglia 15 month Mortality Index
    Palliative Performance Scale - Hospice
    Palliative Performance Scale - Outpatient
    Schonberg 5 and 9 Year Mortality Index
    Suemoto 10 year International Mortality Index
    Wei Multimorbidity-Weighted Index for Mortality and Disability
  2. Living in a Nursing Home
    Flacker Long Stay Revised Index for 1 Year Mortality
    Flacker Newly Admitted Revised Index for 1 Year Mortality
    Mitchell Advanced Dementia Prognostic Tool for 6 month Mortality (ADEPT)
    Porock 6 Month Mortality Index using Minimum Data Set
  3. Hospitalized
    Di Bari 1 Year Mortality Code
    Dramé 2 Year Mortality Index
    Fischer 1 Year Mortality CARING Index
    Inouye 1 Year Mortality Index
    Levine 1 year Mortality Index
    Palliative Performance Scale - Hospitalized
    Pilotto Index 1 Year and 1 Month Modified Index
    Teno 1 Year Help Model
    Walter 1 year Mortality Index

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