Mitchell Index

  • Population: Nursing home adults aged 65 and older
  • Outcome: 6 month survival
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Risk Calculator
1. Has your patient been admitted to the nursing home in the past 90 days?
3. What is the sex of your patient?
4. Does your patient have shortness of breath?
5. Does your patient have at least one pressure ulcer that is greater than or equal to Stage 2?
6. Is your patient totally dependent for all Activities of Daily Living, including bed mobility and eating?
7. Is your patient bedbound most of the day?
8. Does your patient have insufficient oral intake?
(Defined as not consuming almost all liquids in previous 3 days or at least 25% of food uneaten at most meals)
9. Does your patient have bowel incontinence?
10. Is your patient's BMI less than 18.5?
BMI Calculator: BMI = 703 x (weight in pounds / (height in inches)2)
11. Has your patient experience recent weight loss?
(Defined as more than 5% body weight in prior 30 days or more than 10% in prior 180 days)
12. Does your patient have congestive heart failure?
Total Points: 0


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